Certifying Best Practice,
Improving Performance.

CEEDA provides an audited and certified assessment of the implementation of energy efficiency best practices within a data center.

It delivers an operational and deployment roadmap for further improving performance and enables enterprises and colocation providers to demonstrate their leadership against a worldwide benchmark.

Client Testimonials

CEEDA certification is a valuable opportunity to confirm that our data center operations are consistent with our sustainability strategy. We are convinced that the competitiveness and reliability of our services is directly related to our ability to operate efficiently and environmentally.
Andres Cordovez Ferreto
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) AXTEL
We are proud of the certification – it is useful to be able to tell customers that apart from the high availability, we have high efficiency: customers appreciate that is a continuous, on-going necessity.
Dax Simpson
Director, Data Center Infrastructure Kio Networks
Through following some of the CEEDA elements, the reduction of energy usage has been a measurable factor - at the same time as computing load has been increasing, we’ve managed to deliver more for less.
Steve Watt
CIO St. Andrews University

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