Certifying Best Practice,
Improving Performance.


CEEDA is an energy efficiency assessment framework addressing best practices which directly impact OPEX, providing a globally applicable certification and guidance on optimizing deployment of labor and CAPEX to maximize performance.

Already major data center operators from both the enterprise and service provider segments are leveraging CEEDA to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency and bottom-line performance to government, investors, analysts and clients.

With a global auditing footprint, organisations can initiate, implement and reap the reward CEEDA within as little 12 weeks.

Client Testimonials

We are proud of the certification – it is useful to be able to tell customers that apart from the high availability, we have high efficiency: customers appreciate that is a continuous, on-going necessity.
Dax Simpson
Director, Data Center Infrastructure Kio Networks
Since the CEEDA assessment we have seen a steady increase in IT-load whilst facility energy consumption has been flat.
Raj Sharma
Operations Manager, Data Center Services Westpac Banking Corporation
This certification is a testament to our commitment to lead and achieve energy efficiency in our data centers and in our business.
Rangu Salgame
Chief Executive Officer, Growth and Ventures and Service Provider Group TATA Communications

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